Environment Agency

Send landfill data

12 months

The challenge

Inheriting complex internal QA processes and poor digital take up with 30% of environmental data submissions sent by paper or emailed.

The outcome

A new digital service that met the needs of the users, allowing landfill customers to upload data with new data standards. The service passed two GDS assessments, at Alpha and Beta stage.

Environmental permits require operators to monitor a number of different things, and periodically report the data they collect to the agency. This helps the EA to understand what impact the site may be having on the environment.

Within a multi-disciplinary team I designed a data returns service with a data validation feature for the Environment Agency’s (EA) regulated customers to easily submit data online, to make it easier to do business and save them time and money.

The service introduced a new standardised format of data capture to ensure increased confidence that the data being returned is useful and accurate. Internal users could then view and analyse the data submitted, and produce reports as necessary.

I prototyped and implemented services in HTML/CSS and embedded Government Digital Service (GDS) design principles and conducted face to face user research, stakeholder design workshops.

I established lean UX principles into teams and introduced user story mapping. This gave an overview of the service and was a single source of truth for the development team. It helped new team members be introduced and external employees and visitors understand the service.