Cold buster: My Hot and Sour Chicken soup

My ver­sion of the Asian Hot and Sour soup but with more fire to blast away any nig­gling cold. It worked for me any­way. This recipe is all about get­ting the right com­bi­na­tion of the lemon, fish sauce, vine­gar and sugar just right so a lit­tle exper­i­men­ta­tion might be called for. It’ll feed two as a […]

Human flesh geometry renderings

Dis­turb­ing but fas­ci­nat­ing dig­i­tal sculp­tures from Abhon­i­mal via Cedric Kiefer

Ah, the serenity of robot air penguins

via ISO50

The role of designers at Apple

John Scul­ley, the one time CEO of Apple, reveals the atti­tude towards design­ers at Apple HQ. One can only dream this takes on … An anec­do­tal story, a friend of mine was at meet­ings at Apple and Microsoft on the same day and this was in the last year, so this was recently. He went into […]

Hyperrealist sculptures

I can’t stop look­ing at these fig­ures by Mel­bourne based sculp­ture from Sam Jinks à la Ron Mueck but more dis­turb­ing. Google his name for more of his work. I’d love to see them in a gallery.