Jer Thorp visualises Barabási Lab BIG data for Wired UK

Jer Thorp from (and author of the incred­i­bly use­ful get­ting started in visu­al­is­ing data post) man­aged to get his hands on a data set of mobile phone records of 10 mil­lion peo­ple from an undis­closed Euro­pean coun­try, crunched them in Pro­cess­ing to pro­duce this rathre beau­ti­ful 3D ren­der­ing of call length data.

Espe­cially liked this goal to cre­at­ing a data visualisation:

I want peo­ple to say ‘Oooh…!’ when they turn the page to it. Once they’re hooked, though, I want them to learn some­thing – the ‘Aaah!’ moment.

Read more about how the data was used to reveal user’s visual trails.

I shall be buy­ing a copy of WIRED on my way home to see the final piece

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