Live train map for the London Underground

Rather excel­lent real-time map of Tube trains in tran­sit. via

Crime in San Francisco as elevation

Doug McCune plot­ted crime sta­tis­tics on a map of San Fran­cisco as ele­va­tion cre­at­ing peaks and troughs in rela­tion to the amount of crime. This one visu­alises pros­ti­tu­tion peak­ing on Shotwell St. at the inter­sec­tions of 19th and 17th. See more crime cat­e­gories here. via  Flow­ing Data

The trouble with having an open mind is that people will try to put things in it

The trou­ble with hav­ing an open mind, of course, is that peo­ple will insist on com­ing along and try­ing to put things in it. Terry Pratchet